You Too Can Beat the Drive Thru

From: Brooke Ali and Dr. T
Dallas, Texas

Dear friend,

Did you think Brooke could do it? We did, because we do that all the time! But we don’t think a lot of people realize that it's possible to cook a delicious, clean, healthy meal in less than 7 min. That's why we created '7 Minute Meals for 7 Days' for just $7.99. Each meal is fast, easy, delicious and much healthier than what you will get from a drive thru, but in the same amount of time or less.  

Hello! We are Brooke Ali and Dr. T and we make up Wellness20. Brooke is a former vegan restaurant owner and Dr. T is a former geeky scientist. We both came into the healing power of food by way of our health. We have systems down so well in our own kitchen that we thought we'd put it to the test and we won! 

What about you? Could you beat the drive thru with a delicious and healthy meal?

We Got Tired of Gross Fast Food...
Thus 7 Minute HEALTHY 
& Delicious Meals Were Born!
We appreciate the ability to grab vegan food when we are traveling or on the go, however, there's something really nice about knowing what is actually IN your food. We didn't want time to get in the way of good health, so we created a bunch of meals over the years that are fast and effortless. We thought we would share some with you!

But, we didn't want to stop with your answer to dinner for a week, we really wanted to blow you read on for more!
Yes... for about the price of maybe one fast food meal, you can get access to a framework that took us over 20 years combined to create... 
For Only $7.99
This is the meal Brooke Prepared in the Drive Thru Challenge:
Change Your Meals, Transform Your Life
  • Benefit: Save time in the kitchen
  • Feature: Dinner for a week in less than 7 min a day
  • Health: Add more clean, healthy foods to your plate
  • Planet: Reduce your carbon footprint by at least 51%
  • Share: Impress your friends and family with amazing food
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Hear How Others Benefited From 
Our Past Events...

"I feel very fortunate to have been a participant. I especially enjoyed exploring the various recipes. I realized I can still enjoy my favorite foods, just made a healthier way." 

Sue M. | Valatie, NY

"I'm so happy that I signed up. I was able to get valuable insight that helped me on my journey to a healthier me." 

Janet A. | Albany, NY

There Is NO CATCH!
You may wonder, "What’s the catch?" Why are we offering so much for so little? We really just want you to try out some great food and experience the impact you are making on your health. We want to blow you away so much that you won’t want to stop trying new things with us. We hope that you will fall in love with us and what we have to offer so much that you will want even more. We believe in under promising and over delivering. We want to demonstrate that what we have to offer is of value to you and it becomes a win for everyone. 
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
What is your health worth? You gotta start somewhere. It’s easy to put off starting something that benefits your health, but today is the day. Today is the day to take ownership and have a blast doing it! But is it only about you? Or is there something even bigger than us? How about the world we live in? What if you could improve your health and the health of the planet? That’s true freedom and we can’t wait to celebrate it with YOU!
Here Is our Guarantee

With our offer today you also get a 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not happy with our product then we will gladly refund your money! All $7.99 of it!  Just email us at: to request your refund.
what are you waiting for?!

YES! Give Me Instant Access To 7 Minute Meals for 7 Days And the Bonus package RIGHT NOW For Just $7.99 !
  Copy of the 7 Minute Fast Food vs Vegan Meal Challenge - where it’s a race for our health and the health of the planet! Who will win? FAST FOOD or ???
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  7 Videos on How to Make 7 Minute Meals for 7 Days
  Shopping List 
Total Value: $1 Million ;)

But Seriously, Good Health is Priceless!

Today Just $7.99
Click on the link below! Fill in your credit card, click the button and it will take you to the next page and then we will send you a copy of the 7 Minute Vegan Meals and all bonuses so you can get started making these easy, delicious healthy meals right away!

Thanks again,
Brooke Ali & Dr. T
P.S. You are gonna love it!
YES! Give Me Instant Access To '7 Minute Meals' RIGHT NOW For Just $7.99 !
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Everything You're Going To Get
  • 7 Video Recipe Series
  • Shopping List
  • Instant Access to eRecipe Book
Total Value: $1 Million ;)
Today Just $7.99

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