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From: Brooke Ali and Dr. T
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Hello! We are Brooke Ali and Dr. T and we make up Wellness20. Brooke is a former vegan restaurant owner and Dr. T is a former geeky scientist. We both came into the healing power of food by way of our health. We have over 20 years combined experience with being vegan and using food as medicine. 

The two don't always go hand in hand, as there are many layers to eating a vegan diet. Brooke wrote VEGAN20 to assist those that want to include more vegan meals whether it's for the environment, the animals, and/or for health. 

What's it all about?
VEGAN20 is THE handbook to going vegan that provides convincing reasons for adding in more vegan foods. But, this is not an all or nothing proposition. The author, Brooke Ali considers it a win every time someone sits down to a plant based meal, whether it’s every day or even just once a week. Not only does she provide a convincing “why” to consuming vegan food, she goes one step further. Brooke Ali breaks down this lifestyle change step by step with a fun and creative approach. VEGAN20 provides recipes PLUS the inspiration on how to pull meals together and create unique masterpieces. Brooke Ali believes that food can be an art form where it can be personalized, reflecting an individual’s tastes, preferences and backgrounds. 
Yes... for about the price of one vegan meal, you can get access to a framework that took over 10 years to create... 
With VEGAN20: 
Change the Meals, Transform the Life
  • Benefit: Save time in the kitchen
  • Featuring: Step by step guide to a vegan lifestyle
  • Health: Add more clean, healthy foods to the plate
  • Planet: Reduce carbon footprint by at least 51%
  • Get: Detailed graphics and visuals
  • ​Inspiration: Endless combinations of meal creation Ideas
  • ​On The Road Again: Creative ways to pack meals & eat out
  • ​Kiddos: Healthy and fun recipe ideas
  • Be a Genius with gorgeous food that people won't even realize that it's vegan ~ BE the party!
  • Pro: Share creations on social media like a pro!
  • ​Be Informed: Understand fully the impacts of our food choices
  • ​Journal: Track progress and see the amazing benefits of a vegan lifestyle!

Meet the Author

Brooke Ali

BROOKE ALI is a vegan educator, restauranteur and chef. She started out sharing amazing vegan food by hosting cooking parties with friends, which turned into cooking classes, then restaurant pop-ups, to eventually a vegan restaurant. Brooke Ali poured her love for public speaking into co-founding Wellness20 where, together with business partner Dr. T, they educate on the power of healing foods, mindset and wellness. Brooke is thrilled to share her recipes and secret hacks from owning a restaurant with people around the world. 

Here's a Sneak Peek of VEGAN20

Along with VEGAN20
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Bonus #1
7 Minute Meals for 7 DAYS Cooking Video Series
Swap the Drive Thru for a Healthy, Delicious Plate
Is it Possible to Make a Meal in the Time that it Takes to Go to the Drive Thru? We did and show how to make 7 meals each in under 7 minutes.
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Bonus #2 - Recipe eBook
Start with 7 FAST Dinners!
Recipes for 7 Dinners for 7 Days that take only 7 Minutes to Prepare Each!
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Bonus #3 - Shopping List
Order the Goods with this Easy to Follow Shopping List
This is the shopping list for all of the ingredients needed to make the 
7 Minute Meals! Save time and have it delivered.
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There is NO CATCH!

You may wonder, "What’s the catch?" Why are we offering so much for so little? We really just want to demonstrate some great food and share the impact it can make on our health and the planet. We want to blow everyone away so much that they fall in love with us and what we have to offer and want to become a part of our community too. We believe in under promising and over delivering. 
Time Is Of The Essence...
The first 100 orders will receive a Personally signed copy by author Brooke ali
It’s easy to put off starting something that benefits our health, but today is the day. Today is the day to take ownership and have a blast doing it! What if we could improve our health and the health of the planet too? That’s true freedom and we can’t wait to celebrate this amazing journey! Sign up quickly to get a signed copy by Brooke!
our Guarantee

With our offer today, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee!  All $24.99 of it!  Just email: brooke@wellness-20.com to request a refund.
Today is the Day!

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  Full Access 7 Minute Meals Recipe eBook 
  7 Videos on How to Make 7 Minute Meals for 7 Days
  Shopping List for 7 Minute Meals 
Total Value: $1 Million ;)

But Seriously, can One Put a Value on Health?

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Click on the link below! Fill in the credit card, click the button. We will mail a copy of VEGAN20 and give instant access to all bonuses.  Start making these easy, delicious, healthy meals right away! Don't forget to act quickly, because Brooke will only be signing the first 100 copies!

Thanks again,
Brooke Ali & Dr. T
P.S. We can't wait to share this!
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We're so excited to be sharing this with you! 

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