Hear from Successful Vegan Business
 & Non Profit Founders, 
Investors, Influencers, Affiliates & Coaches...
Sit down with major vegan brand founders, start ups, authors and speakers for the real story of how they turned their dreams into a success. Here are just some of the golden nuggets we uncovered:
  • How they started and where they are now
  • ​How they grew their vision into a reality 
  • ​Top takeaways of their experiences 
  • ​What they would do differently 
  • ​Wisdom they would like to pass on to future entrepreneurs 
  • How they stayed true to their mission and didn't give up!
Deep Dive
Growing a Vegan Biz is for new and long time operators. Get feedback from the experts and explore the following:
  • Raising funds - get the low down on the various and NEW ways of funding a business 
  • Manufacturing vs. Sourcing Sustainable Products 
  • ​Marketing Strategy - PR, events, social media
  • ​Social Media - Strategies that get results 
  • Influencers - How tos, what they charge, how to work with them or how to be one!
  • ​Non-Profits vs. Monetizing a Concept 
  • ​Online Webinars and Challenges - Platforms, marketing, creation
  • Launching a product - Brick and mortar vs. online
  • ​Getting published - How tos and the benefits
  • ​Public speaking - How to get invited to speak and what to charge
  • ​Selling vegan products through Affiliate Programs - The real truth, is it a scam or can you really make $$?
Can a small side hustle be the quick solution for growing a vegan biz? Find out how an engineer quit her job to pursue a career that literally saved her life. Then there's Brianna, who is one of the most inspirational people we know. She is a teacher, health coach and has a side hustle as an affiliate. Finally, we couldn't leave out whole plant food supplements and a way to grow fresh fruits and veggies in TowerGardens. Is this a viable vegan business? Watch and listen to all of the juicy details.

Hear from Successful Founders, Investors, Influencers, Authors & Coaches. See what strategies worked great, the mental stamina that pulled them through and the invaluable behind the scenes secrets.

Ever Thought about Growing a Vegan Biz?
  • Hear first hand about: What is new in the biz
  • Gain the knowledge: Take the steps that make the most sense
  • Get to meet your hero's and mentors in the trenches: Learn from their success and failures
  • ​Now is the time to DREAM BIG and make it a REALITY!
Brooke Ali and Dr. T are authors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about supporting the vegan community. Together, with support, collaboration and inspiration, we can create a major impact on the world through the vegan movement. The end goal is to cause the least amount of harm and we are stronger together in making this a reality. This is why we created Growing a Vegan Biz! We hope you love it and gain a wealth of knowledge that will help you in your pursuits for a better life and better world. 

Current Speaker List

  • Victoria Moran, founder of Vegan Mainstreet Academy, public speaker, podcast and author
  • ​Dreena Burton, cookbook author and yoga instructor
  • Del Sroufe, culinary specialist, chef, author, restauranteur
  • ​Patricia Thomson, co-founder of Wellness20, author, co-host
  • ​Brooke Ali, co-founder of Wellness20, author, co-host, restauranteur
  • ​Brittany Carmichael, founder of Shine School, co-founder of The Elevated Life, coach, influencer, salon owner
  • ​Brooke Harley, founder of ClassRebel, advisory board member, investor, consultant
  • ​Dr. Brooke Goldner, MD, founder of VeganMedicalDoctor.com, founder of SkypePsychiatrist.com, author, health educator, public speaker
  • ​Jessica Holquin, Facebook expert, Zumba instructor, coach
  • ​Chef AJ, host of Healthy Living with Chef AJ, creator of the Ultimate Weight Loss Program, author, chef, culinary instructor, public speaker
  • ​Thomas Tadlock, founder of Smoothie.com, co-founder of GoodbyeLupus.com, author, corporate wellness trainer, public speaker 
  • Seth Tibbott, founder of Tofurkey
  • ​Brett Christoffel, founder of All Y'alls Foods
  • ​Stacie Jones, founder of Sun Lovin' Roots
  • ​Courtney McCullagh, founder of Sprinkles Creative 
  • ​Renee King-Sonnen, founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and Rancher Advocacy Program
  • ​Alexandra Clark, from Veg Capital
  • ​Frances Gonzalez, founder of Vegan Wines
  • ​Jane Valez-Mitchel, founder of Unchained TV Digital News Network
  • ​Midge Moon, co-owner of Enid Development 
  • ​Soul Eubanks, founder of Black Vegans Matter 
  • Katherine Lawrence-Ireland, author, chef, Dealer Salad Master
  • ​Brianna Silvio, coach, Monet
  • Susie Kruse, Tower Gardens and Juice Plus
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